What Would Happen If You Didn’t Compete With Your Competitors?

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In my early twenties, back when I still had a ‘job’, part of that job was getting the company I worked for ready to exhibit at its first tradeshow.

We’d been around for a while in the industry, but in terms of the exhibition circuit, we were the new kids on the block, and always looking to grow my skill set, I was excited! I threw myself into putting together the best exhibitor and customer experience that was capable of, and by the time we were ready to open, I was pretty impressed with myself. I couldn’t wait to greet the day.

The doors opened, and barely an hour had gone by before I noticed a small group of people had passed slowly by our stand more than once. They’d stop, look, point. A few whispers would pass between them and then hurry away. A few hours later, the same thing. Same people, same pointing and whispers amongst themselves.